Mariah Roncetti

I have been entrusting my rescue pets and personal pets to Dr. Schwartz’s care for 5 years now, and have been very happy with the results. The staff at Boulevard Pet Clinic have been extremely accommodating & are always willing to go past any call of duty to help the animals. Dr. Schwartz is an excellent veterinarian, and I am … Read More

Robert V.

Love this guy. David recommend platelet rich plasma therapy for my dog. I used this treatment on my 12 year old Staffordshire Terrier who had torn her ACL. She wasn’t able to get up on the couch. Six months later, she’s running up stairs and jumping on and off the couch no problem. Great for the dog, great for the … Read More

Tam G

We just saw Dr. Schwartz again today for our female dog, who had been unexpectedly listless, limpy and coughing / gagging for the past day. He worked her up and performed a minor surgical treatment (she improved IMMEDIATELY) and sent us home with a detailed protocol and set of things to watch out for in the future. It was a … Read More

S. Chadney

Dr Swartz has been our Veterinarian for about 10 years. He has seen my dogs go through some rough times and has always been empathetic but direct and I always felt that he was “DOING THE RIGHT THING”. I have had five dogs he has seen over the years and would not go to anyone else but Dr. Swartz, he … Read More

R. Folton

This has been my preferred care provider for over 15 years because it is owned by the Vet himself & the front office staff is the best I have ever known. Dr. Schwartz is a very quiet guy but a skilled surgeon & clinician. he kept my Epileptic German Shepherd living a good life for a number of years with … Read More

J. Scott

Dr Schwartz has been my vet of choice for many years. Never had a problem with Scooter when I take him there.