R. Folton

This has been my preferred care provider for over 15 years because it is owned by the Vet himself & the front office staff is the best I have ever known. Dr. Schwartz is a very quiet guy but a skilled surgeon & clinician. he kept my Epileptic German Shepherd living a good life for a number of years with conservatively graduated increases in medications when other Chain Vets said “Put him down, it’s hopeless.” Roberto & Jessica at the front office educated us about PetAssure & other Pet Insurance, helping us choose the best ones for our budget & I know Dr. Schwartz will always handle my pets with care & concern. He remembers them visit to visit and just yesterday alerted me that my youngest cat is starting to get a little bit heavy for her frame even though she’s not fat. I like the gentle way he handles my pets who are often happy to see him and his vet Tech and I LOVE that his staff have been with him for many years. A vet who manages to retain skilled staff over decades is clearly running a good family business.