We are a full-service veterinary clinic in Studio City. We provide animal care for dogs, cats and other small animals. We offer an array of standard medical, surgical and grooming services to meet all patient needs. We offer both anesthetic and non anesthetic dental cleaning for your pets. BPC provides air-conditioned boarding, microchip identification procedures, grooming and bathing, spay and neuter procedures, skin and dermatological treatments, allergy treatment, flea and tick control, prescription diets, pet supplies, and vaccinations.


No Waiting Clients get the convenience of swift test results and a diagnosis without having to make a follow-up trip. In most cases, we have the blood results in 15-30 minutes.


Doctor On Call The doctors and staff of BPC are ready and available to provide the highest possible level of quality compassionate care should an urgent medical need arise.


Rest Easy We use Home Again microchips. If your pet is lost, your pet can be scanned for a microchip. Information can be gleaned to reunite you and your pet.


Smile Keeping a healthy dog or cat starts with your good dental hygiene. Our professional staff will help maintain and clean your pet’s teeth.


No Waiting We have our own pharmacy to take care of your pets’ needs quickly. We also work with a local compounding pharmacy for special needs.


Travel Time If you are taking your pet across state or international borders, a health certificate is required. We’ll make sure your pet is taken care of.


In Good Hands With various size rooms and kennels, we have accommodations and amenities for your most precious companions while you are away on work or play.


A Little Pampering Does your pooch deserve to be pampered? We have a professional groomer on staff dedicated to providing hands-on care that will leave your pet feeling happy and looking great.


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